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WORK 4.0 Project

On our project page, we are proud to present our partners who play an essential role in the Work 4.0 project. Each partner brings their unique expertise and experience to create a collaborative and innovative invironment.

The partners from Italy, Austria, and Germany contribute their expertise and experience from various fields such as information technology, education, research and development, as well as social and environmental issues. By connecting experts from different countries and industries, we can learn from each other, generate new ideas, and exchange best practices.

Grow your knowledge and your opportunities with WORK 4.0 training.

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CPA, which trades as ConnectAbruzzo, develops people for work including them in Europe wide opportunities. They have empowering and professional courses to develop soft skills to develop professionally and improve the participants lives.

CPA’s vision is founded on practical methods and hands on experience, evolved direct from the workplace. They are a link between formal training and industry related needs. They understand what companies need from potential employees and apply it to all elements of the bespoke service. They have been involved in developing new professions like Mediatore Museale and Vloggers (Social Content Manager). They have been involved in empowering project for young people and different KA1 and KA2 projects.


VondiConsulting is an independent and internationally operating consulting company – specialized in project management and event management also on digital platforms. We have more than 17 years of experience in the development of European projects and mega events. A team of specialized consultants and a broad network of professional partners offer their experience on all areas of European project management and event management.

We have participated in numerous projects related to improve education, innovation, and knowledge exchange, and we are now introducing ourselves into helping people in need such as, refugees, migrants and any kind of people in precarious situations, as well as teaching young adults on how to plan financially for the barriers which they may face in life.


prEUnec is an IT and education company based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in providing cutting-edge technological solutions and educational services to businesses and organizations across various sectors. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in information technology, prEUnec is committed to helping organizations adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

As a project partner, prEUnec contributes significantly to the Work 4.0 project by offering their expertise in IT and education. Their involvement in the project ensures the development of innovative solutions and strategies that cater to the evolving needs of the future workforce.